Fundraising campaigns

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Socially responsible
Fundraising campaigns
Recipes in a jar is a company specializing in Collective Philanthropy. Founded by social entrepreneurs, it is powered by a team of passionate experts, who offer services and products that help make successful and exciting fundraising campaigns as responsibly as possible.
Did you know?

Nearly 40% of donors prefer to buy a product for the benefit of a cause (rather than making a direct donation).

Canadian philanthropic habits study, Statistics Canada.

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Feeding our community
Together we will make a difference
Our commitment is to offer a meal to a food bank for every Recipe in a jar sold.
Last year 863,492 people received food from a food bank in Canada. 36% are children and young people.

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Hand made with love
Thank you for creating jobs in the social economy
Our products are handmade by crafters of the social economy.
Thank you for creating precious jobs!

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Promoting a healthy diet
Share the pleasure of cooking Our chefs, nutritionists, and crafters use only healthy, natural foods in the creation of Recipes in a jar.
No more excuses, eating healthy is now so simple, with no more than 2 ingredients to add and less than 5 minutes prep time!

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Meals under $ 1

Avoid over-consumption, over-packaging, food waste and ... waste of time.
With desserts and meals at less than $1, Recipes in a jar are a very economical choice. Add your favorite ingredients or what's in the fridge and ... Create.


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Time saver
Recipes prepared in less than 5 minutes

Save time planning and shopping, and cook in less than 5 minutes, with never more than 2 or 3 simple ingredients to add.

Did you know?

52% of Canadians spend less than 20 minutes a day cooking meals.

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Respectful of the environment
Zero waste, Zero pollution!

The signature glass container of Recipes in a jar is completely reusable and recyclable.  
No need to buy the ingredients in large quantities to let them go to waste in the cuppard.

Did you know?

The average consumer throws away up to 30% of the food he buys.

Source Passeportsanté.net
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Services that ensure your success.
A talented team to accompany you!
The Recipes in a jar team is here for you. Social mobilization is an art that we practice with passion. We offer you a partnership in the success of your collective philanthropy initiative.
Together we will lead a successful fundraising campaign.
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FREE online store

Increase your sales and avoid managing transactions with your personalized online store.

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Social media
Broadcast, broadcast, broadcast!

Expand your reach with our expertise in communications and social media marketing.

Want to start a campaign?

By phone at
1 844-732-3883
Or by email at
A project manager will help you create your campaign plan and identify the tools required to ensure success. He will then accompany you during your campaign.

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